Balance general en forma de cuenta

The men in armour with one accord nodded their casques in reply to Jorworths question, and then remained motionless as before. The Welshman, with the acute genius of his country, suspected there was something in this which he could not entirely comprehend, but, preparing himself to be upon his guard, he proceeded as follows Be it as it may, I care not who hears the message of my sovereign, since it brings pardon and mercy to the inhabitants of this Castell an Carrig, Footnote Castle of the Craig. which you have called the Garde Doloureuse, to cover the usurpation of the territory by the change of the name. Upon surrender of the same to the Prince of balance general en forma de cuenta, with its dependencies, and with the arms which it contains, and with the maiden Eveline Berenger, all within the castle shall depart unmolested, and have safe-conduct wheresoever they will, to go beyond the marches of the Cymry. And how, balance general en forma de cuenta we obey not this summons. said the imperturbable Wilkin Flammock. Then shall your portion be with Raymond Berenger, your late leader, replied Jorworth, his eyes, while he was speaking, glancing with the vindictive ferocity which dictated his answer.
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